Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Snow Day

Little Snow Day from Melanie Little on Vimeo.

After I gallon size ziplocked my camera away in hopes of 'waterproofing' it... Rebecca, pets, and I went outside to play and lasted about 20minutes, till the snow melted through our clothes, and we could no longer take the freezing air.

Middle TN doesn't see snow like this too often... it never gets old to me :o) If it's going to be cold.. it's actually bearable (for the most part) when snow is falling.
Sidenote: this was my first time playing with imovie... I feel like I taught myself a lot today, but I'm excited to play with it more and get better at home/movie making!
(also sorry the quality doesn't seem that great... need to figure out how to save it at a higher res!)

Music by:
Keegan DeWitt :
The Helio Sequence :


  1. we just got 5 feet of snow out here in colorado, you would never find yourself if you made a snow angel out here. glad to see you're playing with video, audio, and music...keep it up

  2. how fun! I'm yet to make a video, and yet to own equipment that even makes them. So kudos for trying! And I'm like you, I'm from Southern Oklahoma where snow is scarce. I still get excited to see a little white :)