Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Dead Garden : Winter is Coming


I spent most of my day writing my "statement of intent" to send with my graduate school applications.
Since I've been home, I've pretty much set up shop at an old desk in the living room that hides behind the couch; most people don't even notice it when they're here.. but it's right by the window and I have found it to be quite cozy.

While working on my letter, I took frequent breaks; either going to make more coffee, which later turned to peppermint tea, got something to munch on, or took time staring out the window at the dreary day wondering how much longer till it would start to rain.

While looking outside at all the gloom, I started to think about how beautiful dreary weather can be.

Looking at the muted colors and shriveling plants, you can just feel crisp air of winter coming.

While writing my letter and thinking about all the schools I'm applying to, I can't help but think about my future.  I have no idea where I'll be just 8 months from now.  I'm applying to schools all over the country and could end up anywhere from the chill city of L.A., to freezing winds in Chicago, to the desert of New Mexico, or the never sleeping city of NYC.  Not knowing is exciting to me; I look forward to my future.  That's partially why I took this picture above.  Not only did the colors fit the rest of what I was experiencing at the time of my photo shoot, but seeing the directions, not knowing which direction it will point to next.


The plants in the garden have definitely seen better days.. I'm sure they will soon rot completely and fall off to become compost, or possibly food for the deer that frequent our yard.

 dying tomatoes.

The road to my next adventure.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Styrons

Lester Dill Styron and Bobbie Faye Holmes Styron
Connie Styron Little - Bill, Lacy, Melanie
Tom Styron - Nancy, Elizabeth, Andrew
Debbie Styron Carroll - Darren, Katie, Beth
Patti Styron Williams - David, Zach, Emily
Becca Styron Gaut - Stuart, Ella, Annabelle

This is my mom's family... my family.

This year we had everyone (except for Patti and her family), along with all the people above's significant others and children; 22 people total. With children running around every direction, four dogs, and two cats... the house was anything but quiet; don't let the picture above deceive you.

This is Jason, my sister's husband. It's his first year having thanksgiving with our family... we made him carve the Turkey... no pressure.

Ella super excited to eat her Elmo cupcake.

For dessert we celebrated Annabelle's 2nd birthday.

Beth and Ella at the kid's table, much to Beth's dismay..
"I always have to sit at the little table." sniffle sniffle.
This is one of many faces Beth makes... she often looks like she's up to something... sneaky girl.