Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Styrons

Lester Dill Styron and Bobbie Faye Holmes Styron
Connie Styron Little - Bill, Lacy, Melanie
Tom Styron - Nancy, Elizabeth, Andrew
Debbie Styron Carroll - Darren, Katie, Beth
Patti Styron Williams - David, Zach, Emily
Becca Styron Gaut - Stuart, Ella, Annabelle

This is my mom's family... my family.

This year we had everyone (except for Patti and her family), along with all the people above's significant others and children; 22 people total. With children running around every direction, four dogs, and two cats... the house was anything but quiet; don't let the picture above deceive you.

This is Jason, my sister's husband. It's his first year having thanksgiving with our family... we made him carve the Turkey... no pressure.

Ella super excited to eat her Elmo cupcake.

For dessert we celebrated Annabelle's 2nd birthday.

Beth and Ella at the kid's table, much to Beth's dismay..
"I always have to sit at the little table." sniffle sniffle.
This is one of many faces Beth makes... she often looks like she's up to something... sneaky girl.

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  1. Nice Mel! Family and food. Doesn't get much better.

    look forward to seeing more here as it comes...